Measuring student achievement and identifying at-risk students through the use of learning analytics is becoming increasingly important in education.

A Learning Management System (LMS) allows administrators to manage the entire scope of their educational enterprises, while also measuring student achievement on an institution-wide scale. Educators can manage content, while also measuring student achievement on an individual basis and track the student use of the online content and activities.

A digital content repository manages an institution's entire collection of learning content. Increased productivity, reduction of duplication and quick referencing of course material are all key benefits of a digital content repository.

EduDev provide Learning Managment System. This powerfull customized LMS achieves all the teachers need to manage their entire courses material, assignments, quizes,....etc. It also provides them with the powerful tools to measure the student achievment including: grading text book for each student, and student progress bar.

The grading text book includes the grades of the assignmnets, quizes, or any other activity each student can do through out the tearm. This makes the students able to follow the grades and identify their weakpoints which they need to improve.

Using the student progress bar, teachers can follow the progress of each student individually, either accumulatively through out the tearm or for certain activity.

Using our LMS powerfull tools, teachers not only can submit the quize or assignment to the students, but also define the time period within which the activity should be done by the students, as well as the due date for the activity to be taken. For instance, the teacher can upload a quize to the students which its due date within one week, and the quize must be solved in 30 mins only.

Our LMS provide the interactivty tools required to design interactive Quize, assignment or practice.