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Nowadays, the traditional (passive) learning methodology, in which the students act as audiences to their teacher who stands infront of them explaining the lesson for long time, is being transformed to the interactive learning, sometimes it is called (learn by doing) methodology. Therefore integrating technology into the curriculum and the classrooms became no longer an option.

EduDev is an innovative learning company that provides colleges, universities , schools, as well as individuals with the state of art of the technological tools as well as the software education solutions to make this transformation happen.

EduDev launched EduRobo the 1st STEM Robtic kit in Cairo ICT 2017

Based on the Learning by doing methodolgy, Learn while playing principle,as well as the STEM education, the kit helps the student to learn Math, Science, Engineering, and Technology while playing with it. It also helps the user to be creative and imaginative. it covers wide range of student ages, from 1st to 12th grade.
The kit consistes of our own developed Robot, Our own developed GUI, as well as the academic sheets 

This kit is used to :
Introduce the student, with no programming skills, to basic programming as well as problem solving strategies. This involves students in the development, building and programming the EduRobo robot. Topics may include motor control, sensors, timing, program loops, logic gates, decision-making, timing sequences, and binary number systems.
Help the student to learn and digest different Math topics. This includes :
Algebra : addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, Cartesian coordinates, Polar coordinates .
Geometry: Different geometry shapes and its mathematical calculations.
Help the student to learn and digest some science topic. This include:
Light Phenomena
Ultrasound Phenomena
Light Emitting Diodes

As a Microsoft partner, EduDev provide all the Microsoft ginuine software and products to schools and buisnesses with a challanging price. EduDev also provide its Learning Managment System (LMS) on Azure Microsoft Cloud Service. ------->> Click here to know more about Microsoft Azure 

As a Dell partner, EduDev provide all the Dell ginuine products (PCs, Notebooks, Labtops,servers) to schools and buisnesses with a challanging price. --->> Click here to contact us and to know more about this offer 

--->EduRobo - Robotic STEM Kit <----

EDILEARN platform

The EDILEARN is all in one Educational platform that we provide to the colleges, schools, and individual teachers . This platform has all the tools & expertise you need to learn, teach, and collaborate online - all in one place. That leads to better student includes LMS and virtual class room . --->> try our 30-day free trial



EduDev provide Learning Managment System. This poweful customized LMS achieves all the teachers need to manage their entire courses material, assignments, quizes,....etc.

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The "Virtual Classroom" gives the teachers as well as the students the spirit of the traditional physical classroom. .

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Microcontroller Trainers

we provide wide variety of different types of Microcontroller kits which cover a wide span of users start from elemintry school,high school students, up to college of enginnering students

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FPGA Trainer Boards

we provide wide variety of different types of FPGA kits which sutable for college students as well as researchers

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Communication Trainers

we provide different types of communication trainers , local area network (LAN) trainers, and fiber optices trainers which are useful for communication enginnering courses

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