• The intelligent DIY (Do It Yourself) 2WD Car  robot kit, is a robotic kit which the user can customize it according to the required intelligence level of it.
  • The kit is suitable for a wide span of user ages, start from the 12+ up to college.  
  • While building the kit and making it to work, user will earn the following skills:
  1.  Assembling and integrating the Mechanical and electronic  parts of the kits.  (Engineering skills)
  2.  Principle of  Physics  and electronics of each sensor that will be included in the kit ( IR, Ultrasonic, Light, Sound,...etc).  (Science skills and Engineering skills)
  3.  Basic electronic skills.  (Engineering skills)
  4.  Programming skills (for advanced level). * 
  5.  Creativity and imagination.

Note that:  The level of programming changes according to the user level.  No programming skills needed for young age users.

Using Arduino boards make the kit easy to be used by the young age users.

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Intelligent DIY 2WD car kit

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