• 8951RD2 Device contains 64K Non volatile memory

  • On board programmer and execution mode switch, programming through
  •  Computer interface of RS232 port
  • With 220V power supply and power on/off switch on board
  • All the interfaces are blocked separately for easy understanding

  • and reference with isolated power for each block.

  •  All the 32IO lines taken through Four FRC connectors of 8 bit ports each

  • On board 0.5 KG/cm2 Stepper motor controller WITH motor
  • On board 5/12V DC motor interface through Relay contacts output with motor
  • On board 16x2 character lines LCD interface
  • Onboard 4x4 hex keypad interface

  • On board RTC chip programmable and read out and facility for unassigned four function keys to define

  •  On board 8 digit logical input and output using LED and DIP switch
  •  On board ADC interface with built in analog signals, built in temperature sensor, 8 channel external and internal data  input clock and signal generation
  • Assembly a On board DAC with buzzer output taken to external connector to CRO measurement.

  • nd C programming compatibility.

  •  On board PWM generation interface and in built power supply.

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