• Analog signals: 250 Hz, 500 Hz, 
  •   1 KHz sinusoidal signals,
  •  All amplitude variables from 0 to 5V
  •  Digital Signals: 64 KHz, 32 KHz,
  •  16 KHz & 8 KHz signals,
  •  DC: Adjustable over 0 to 5 Volts
  •  Simplex fiber optic cable,
  •  Attenuation at 660 nm: Typically 0.3dB per meter
  • Transmitter: Fiber Optic LED, Wavelength: 660 nm,

  • Optical power: 30 to 40 microwatts at 1f=10ma, Receiver: FO-Phototransistor


  •  To study the VI characteristics of the FO-LED
  • To study the transfer Characteristics between the DETECTOR and SOURCE with simplex cable,
  • To study the attenuation in the given fiber optic cable
    • To study the Digital signal transmission through the fiber optic cable
    • To study the principles of Analog signal transmission and reception
    • To study the Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) with fiber communication system,
    •  To study the RS232 interface for PC communication, Determination of Numerical Aperture of optical fiber-
    • (Mandrel Bending loss)
    •  To study the Losses in Optical fibers - 1 meter, 5 meter, 1+5 meter using adaptor - (Bending Losses, air gap losses)

    • To study the Loss due to air gaps in fibers with in-line adaptor

    • To study the Voice Interface in two Optical fiber patch cards

    • Determination of far field light emitting diode

    • Determination of V-number

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