Spartan 6 FPGA Trainer<br>[ED-FPNU05]

Spartan 6 FPGA Trainer

 FPGA Spartan 6 FPGA (XC6SLX45 on Mini Module)  DDR: 166MHz 512Mb LPDDR 100M Eth..

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Spartan-3A50 FPGA Trainer<br> [ED-FPNU03]

Spartan-3A50 FPGA Trainer

  FPGA Spartan XC3S50A in TQG144 package   Flash memory: 16 Mb SPI flash memory ..

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51+ARM-MCU Trainer<br> [ED-C5PR07]

51+ARM-MCU Trainer

The ARM 32bit Cortex-M3 and 51 MCU perfect compatibility combine.ARM 32bit Cortex-M3, 72MHz, 64KB..

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8051-MCU Trainer<br> [ED-C5TE05]

8051-MCU Trainer

16K Bytes of EPROM with 32K bytes of Battery Backup RAM.48 I/O Lines, Three Channel Timer/Counter, P..

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Spartan 6 FPGA Trainer <br>[ED-FPNU06]

Spartan 6 FPGA Trainer

FPGA Spartan-6 XC6SLX9 Flash memory: 16 Mb SPI flash memory (M25P16) 100MHz CMOS oscillato..

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Spartan 6 FPGA Trainer<br>[ED-FPNU04 ]

Spartan 6 FPGA Trainer
[ED-FPNU04 ]

 FPGA Spartan XC6SLX9 in CSG324 package  DDR Memory: 166MHz 512Mb LPDDR (MT46H32M16LF..

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Technical Software<br>[ED-SWMT0]

Technical Software

Program using graphical iconsTest & debug your codeSimulate your programs in 3DComponent creatio..

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Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

The "Virtual Classroom" gives the teachers as well as the students the spirit of the traditional phy..

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Sat. Comm. Engineering Trainer<br> [ED-STBT01]

Sat. Comm. Engineering Trainer

  Easy to use  Longer serving life    Requires minimum maintenance  &n..

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Spartan-3E250 FPGA Trainer<br>  [ED-FPWV01]

Spartan-3E250 FPGA Trainer

FPGA Spartan XC3S500E  Freq: 50MHz , Voltage: 1.15V~3.3V , Package: QFP208 I/Os: 116 , LEs: 50..

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